Surgery is one of the most important activities of the Opticlinic Med clinic, which is why we offer a wide spectrum of ophthalmological operations and interventions for adults and children in treating the most common and the most severe conditions. These include: curette, eyelid operations, eyeball operations, open globe, refractive surgery and retinal vitreo, as well as intravitrene injections.

We use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment because we want, in addition to the best results, to focus on patient comfort and very rapid postoperative recovery.

For more details about our surgical services and how we do them, please contact us by phone or visit us at the Optclinic  med clinic.

Cataract surgery Price
Phacoemulsification without implant 1200 RON
Phacoemulsification with ABBOT monofocal (with CJAS decision) 1500 RON
Phacoemulsification with OPTIMA monofocal 1800 RON
Phacoemulsification with ALCON monofocal 2200 RON
Phacoemulsification with ZEISS monofocal 2600 RON
Phacoemulsification with HOYA monofocal 2800 RON
Phacoemulsification with ALCON toric monofocal 3500 RON
Phacoemulsification with ZEISS toric monofocal 4500 RON
Facoemulsificare cu multifocal ALCON 5500 RON
Phacoemulsification with ALCON multifocal 7000 RON
Phacoemulsification with ALCON toric multifocal 7000 RON
Phacoemulsification with ZEISS multifocal toric 8000 RON
Traumatic cataract without implant 1500 RON
Traumatic cataract + implant 3500 RON
Cataract with anterior vitrectomy 2700 RON
Secondary cataract 600 RON
IOL explantation 1600-2000 RON
IOL repositioning 1200 RON
IOL per second fix - iriana 3000 RON
IOL per second fix - sclerala 4500 RON
Intravitreal injections Price
AVASTIN Injection 200 RON
Triamcinolon Injection 400 RON
Refractive Surgery Price
Refractive surgery with multifocal implant 6000 RON
Refractive surgery with simple phakic implant 7000 RON
Refractive surgery with toric pharyngeal implant 8000 RON
Retinal Vitreous Surgery Price
Vitrectomy 2500 RON
Retinal detachment 4000 RON
Proliferative retinopathy surgery 3500-5000 RON
Luxated lens in vitro 2800-3200 RON
Intraocular foreign body 4500 RON
Silicone oil extraction 1200 RON
Eyelid Price
Blefarroraphy 700 RON
Xanthelasma surgery 1000 RON
Entropion / ectropion correction 1250 RON
Excision of the eyelid tumor with plasty 1500 RON
Excision of simple eyelid tumor 1000 RON
Salazion Surgery 500 RON
Waterproofing of tear dots 1000 RON
Eyelid wound suture 800 RON
Ocular Glob Price
Enucleation 1000 RON
Enucleation + Prosthesis 2000 RON
Evisceration 1000 RON
Excision pterygium 1250 RON
Excision of the conjunctival tumor with plasty 1600 RON
Excision of the conjunctival tumor without plasty 1200 RON
Iridectomy 2000 RON
Conjunctival wound suture 700 RON
Corneal wound suture 1200 RON
Scleral wound suture 1800 RON
Open Glob Price
Implantation of hypotensive devices / SHUNT 3500 RON
Trabeculectomy 3500 RON