Ophthalmic Medical Services

Opticlinic Med ophthalmology services deal with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of conditions in the eyes, eyelids or tear apparatus.

The earlier visual disturbances are diagnosed, the higher the chances of recovery and normal vision. Therefore, it is recommended to perform an eye examination at least once a year, and if you notice certain changes or symptoms of visual disturbances, consult a doctor immediately.

We want to help as many patients as possible, which is why we chose to introduce a larger and diverse number of ophthalmological services, from biometrics, ocular ultrasound, eye-bottom exam, chromatic sense exam to comped uterus perimetryand tomography in optical coherence.

For more details we invite you to contact us by phone or to report to the Opticlinic Med clinic located in Cluj Napoca.

Packages Price
CATARACTA investigation package (diagnostic consultation, biometrics, endothelial cell counts) 250 RON
GLAUCOM investigation package (intraocular pressure, visual field, OCT - RNFL, ONH, above pole) 250 RON
DRIVER package (visual acuity, chromatic sense, binocular visual field) 150 RON
Services Price
Ophthalmological Consultation 150 RON
Emergency consultation 200 RON
Control 60 RON
Angio OCT 300 RON
Biometry 100 RON
Eye ultrasound - One Eye 120 RON
Bottom eye examination 70 RON
Chromatic examination 30 RON
TIO aplanatonometry measurement 60 RON
TIO tonopuf measurement 30 RON
Endothelial cell counts / eye 100 RON
Computerized perimeter (CV exam - binocular) 100 RON
Computerized perimeter (CV exam - monocular) 70 RON
Medical report commission 150 RON
Schirmer test 30 RON
Optical coherence tomography OCT macula 150 RON
Optical coherence tomography 150 RON
Optical coherence tomography OCT above pole 150 RON
Corneal topography 250 RON