About us

Opticlinic Med is where you will find the best solutions to maintain your eye health, but also the best treatments to restore vision.

We started in 2011 with only 2 employees, arriving in 2021, due to the high demand for consultations and surgeries, to expand and move our headquarters to the Union Medical surgery. Our team has also become more numerous and specialized, now reaching 11 people.

In short, our entire activity is defined by technical and technological progress, continuous training, and qualified specialists.

We have professional medical personnel, care for patients, and treatments according to the latest techniques, using the latest equipment. This is the guarantee that the therapy of various diseases and vision conditions will be successfully achieved.

We invite you to use Opticlinic Med services with confidence and to convince yourself of the quality of our services.

Our mission

Together with our team of specialist doctors we want to offer an integrated system of medical services for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and surgery, using the most modern and performing equipment. We offer patients effective solutions for any health problem through professionalism, safety and transparency.